MMA Instrumentation Inc., a Québec-based calibration laboratory, provides ISO 17025-compliant calibration services to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, research & development and aerospace. On-site testing and measurement instrument calibration services are available for most technical measurement parameters the laboratory supports, at competitive rates and within optimal delivery times.

Due to the competency requirements of ISO 17025, uncertainty of measurements can be demonstrated and calculated with ease. Statistical analysis and reproducibility of measurements make this possible.

Our strength lies in our partnership with other members of the MMA Group, notably MMA Certification Inc, a consulting firm that supports innovative companies in the development, testing and governmental approval processes, compliance, quality assurances systems and post-marketing compliance. In fact, should a need for regulatory or quality management services arise during the process of our mandate, MMA Certification Inc. and MMA Instrumentation Inc. will join together to better serve our mutual clients.

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